Cover for Oasis Magazine

LINA AMER created this issue’s cover for Oasis Magazine; an issue that explores the world from a different perspective. Amongst what we explore in this issue is Arabic typography, which Lina Amer is no stranger to. In 2010, armed with a BA in Arabic language, 24-year old Saudi graphic designer, Lina Amer launched herself into the world of graphic design. “I entered the world of arts when I was 15 years old, but my real work started in 2010, when my taste in art started to thrive,” said Lina Amer whose ideas overflow with Arabic typography and iconic Arab creatives from singers to writers.

Read our interview with this issue’s cover artist, Lina Amer, on page 58 of this issue of Oasis (except below); and admire her artwork throughout the issue, as Lina has also created this issue’s beautiful section dividers. E-version available to download

Lina Amer - OasisMag

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